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tv   KTVU Channel 2 News at 4  FOX  July 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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has grown to 18,000 acres. we're follow the fierce fire fight today. >> madison middleton's father speak out about his daughter'sh. >> we're breaking down what you need to know about the bart closure this weekend. the four on two starts reiter now. >> sky fox is over the raging rocky wildfire in lake county. live pictures as you see the smoke rising from this fire. this afternoon the fire grew by almost 3000-acres to 18,000 acres. >> hundreds of people are still staying in shelters and with friends and families and watching and waiting as the firefighters are trying to surround the place. cara liu has arrived on the scene. >> reporter: a lot of traffic up here this afternoon.
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one of the headlines from this story today is the smoke and ash that you see in the air. we're at the evacuation center which is at least 20 minutes south of where the fire is burning. you can see how much smoke and ash is in the air and it's making people nervous. 18,000 acres burned so far and it's only 5% contained according to cal fire. they say three structures have burned and 450 structures are threatened or evacuated. i tried asking some of the people how many were evacuated and they say it's at least several hundred. from the information center we learned that the fire is burning in a northeastern direction and there are some people being housed at the evacuation center at middleton high school. 20 people spent the night last
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night and more are expected today. >> it's pretty scary and stressful because the fire keeps shifting and they don't know from one minute to the next if they're going back home soon or whether it's going to be a while. it's been stressful. >> reporter: the red cross is here and providing up to three meals per day and offering folks a place to sleep and shower and emotional support. we did see about a dozen workers and volunteers in there handing out waters and trying to make people as comfortable as possible. >> cara, we got word that governor brown has declare add state of emergency to bolster is fire there. can you gauge the people there about how they feel the fire is
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dog? they must be talking to friends and neighbors that are still in the area. how are they feeling about things? >> reporter: i talked to some and they are anxious, a bit stressed out. we talked to some of the folks helping to evacuate people's animals. they each evacuated about a dozen animals. they're waiting for escorts either from the fire department or from one of the local police departments to escort them in. they have not been able to check on some of the animals or livestock on properties but they're making it a high priority and trying to get to it because the people are concerned about their animals and families. >> we talk about the quick growth of the fire and we're just saying 5% contained.
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looking at the numbers from cal fair, there are now nearly a thousand firefighters there fighting and yesterday it was 600. that's even increased. >> reporter: absolutely. it's definitely growing today. the cell service has not been great up here today. i'm understanding it's a dynamic situation up there for firefighters and instant command. they're doing the best they can and everybody has their hands full. >> it's going to be a long fire fight with 5% contained. >> the lake county sheriff's department arrest add man on arson charges for setting a fire. this is him, john jacob biggs. he was taken into custody yesterday but he is not connected to the rocky fire burning now. he is accused of arson but they
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have not said which fire. >> let's bring in meteorologist rose mary. it seems like the weather conditions have improved but they're still having a difficult time. >> right, very steep and rugged terrain. a bit of good news on the weather front. relative humidity is up, temperatures still very, very warm but not as hot as we've been. 95 degrees right now. wilin coming out of the north- northeast but not too strong. winds are 10-15 miles per hour. the winds pick up in the hills. relative humidity is 25% right now. as we go into the evening hours that will continue to increase and temperature also continue to fall. that is great news for fire fight fighters. the good news is as with go into the evening hour, will is
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even a slight chance for a few scattered showers. that is going to remain about 20% chance over the bay area. that includes the lower lake area. a few sprinkles reported there at times. temperatures here at home will continue to cool down for areas there as well pass bay area. i'll have a look at what you can expect coming up. other stories we're following for you today aman is dead and a woman was seriously wounded after a domestic violence shooting. the sheriff and swat team responded after a man invade add taylor street home early this morning. authorities say they found a woman shot lying in front of the home. two other women managed to escape after a struggle over the weapon. a man was found dead inside after apparently shooting himself. the man had a restraining order against one of the women.
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the names of the victims have not been released. one of the men accused of kidnapping children and hijacking a bus has been paroled. james schoenfeld kip napped a bus full of children and took them to a kauri where they were kept inside app ventilated buried trailer. the students and the drive erman najaheed to escape at the kidnappers slept. his brother was paroled back in 2012. the third man, fred wood, could have a parole hearing this fall. madison middleton's family shared new photos with us of the little girl with her father and grandfather. she was kidnapped and killed in santa cruz last weekend. maddie's father, mike
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middleton, release add statement that reads in part, my hope is that she is never forgotten and she'll remain in our hearts for all eternity. please help us keep her spirit alive and thriving. his statement expressed gratitude for all of the support. >> in other news today, are you ready for this? are you ready for football? football season is upon us. >> we live in napa for raiders starting their training camp, mark. >> reporter: that's true. this raiders are having two a day now and they're going early, evening, late afternoon. right now it's a lull in the action. right now it's me and my good friend the security guard, albert. say hello albert. that's albert from oakland. the raiders, unlike a lot of
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teams, they actually practice for the first three weeks or so behind a hotel here and there is is a football field. that's the football field you're looking at where derek carr is taking care of business as the number one quarterback with the raiders. he won the starting job last year, his second full season. this time he comes into camp knowing he is the man and that makes his job a little easier and his over all comfort zone a lot bigger too. have a listen to derek carr. >> will is no, hey, you're the guy of the future. it'll hey, you're the guy now. it's nice knowing that so now i can be myself. this time around is completely different, especially having 16 games under my belt. just coming in and knowing what to expect. you've done it before and seen it and you can hit the ground
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running faster. >> he's grown and he's a little more mature compared to last year. him knowing that he's our quarterback, you know, he takes that job very serious and he's definitely leading us everyday out here when we come out here and we're following him. >> all right, we're going to talk a little about the 49ers, albert, is that okay? he's a raider guy but we're going to talk 49ers football. they opened their camp down in santa clara. they admit it, the guys that are still here, guys that didn't retire, like joe staley. >> it's always a great time when we start camp, the
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anticipation of start agnew year with a new group of guys. last year was kind of a jumbled mess in a lot of different areas. we really need to focus in on the things we need to improve on from last year and the things we feel like we did a good job on last year and build on those going forward. >> clearly, football is back on both sides of the bay. plenty of optimism that's usually the case this time of year. we'll follow them all through training camp. back to you guys in oakland. >> all right, mark, looks like albert could use a drink. >> there is plenty of gatorade out here. >> thank you, mark. >> coming up after the break, he's been laid to rest but the need to help the family of sgt.
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scott lunger remains. >> outside our doors this afternoon, a notable drop in the temperatures, that in addition to a few scattered showers. how much longer they'll last and cool down for your weekend, coming up. >> a mail man spot add 12-year- old boy reading junk mail and he stepped in to help him. traffic conditions out there, surprise, heavy traffic heading out of san jose on 680. or choose to save hundreds on simmons beautyrest mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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has been pgh pgh. sgt. scott lunger has been laid to rest. his family moves forward and the community is surrounding them with support. tom is joining us, the ceo of fallen heros. it's a nonprofit that works to help those who die in the line of duty. tom, what is it you're doing to help the police department? on tuesday, august 4th, famous dave's bearings is donating proceeds from the day. they're going to donate to a nonprofit and all the other money we bring in through raffles and straight donations, 100% of that we'll give to the
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lunger family. >> the family is getting a tremendous amount of support from their fellow officers but the entire department is grieving as well. this is a brotherhood asister hood. what do you think the public should do when they interact with the police officers on the street? >> most important is say thank you and i'm sorry for your loss. thank you for what you do. these police officers an firefighters are there for you 24/7 can say a simple thank you, that's what they're there for. >> your organization, fallen heros, what does it do in a broader sense. what do you do to help all of the departments and families around the state? >> we're very specific to
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police and fire. we try to provide toni agency. some agencies don't need much support but some need a lot of support and we do bahou we can. >> is it justify nannable? >> no, we can offer music for singing, photography service, public information, all of it is free and anything they need we can provide. we don't charge anything. >> how are we doing in california nthe bay area in particular, when we talk about these kinds of incidents where a firefighter or a police officer has been killed in the line of duty. is this trending up or down? it's trending up. the reality is it's a war out there. police and firefighters take care of america internally. they need support because, unfortunately, it is a war out there and it is increasing.
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>> we appreciate your help. >> please come by famous dave's barbecues all day on august 4th there. is going to be celebrities there. >> that's tuesday august 4th, famous dave's in hayward, 790 west winton avenue. >> the rocky fire once again, sky fox over the scene. you can see the smoke. we're working to get closer. this one has exploded in size. it's been burning since wednesday. 18,000 acres so far burned. at this point we're just at 5% contained. there have been mandatory evacuations. there is an evacuation center set up at middleton high school. we lost our sky fox picture. governor jerry brownished a state of emergency. he sees the need trying to make
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sure they have what they need. >> this is one of many burning in the state. >> absolute shrigley. we're going to continue to see this. as we mentioned early on in the show, at least weather wise, we're seeing a bit of improvement. relative humidity is up a little bit. >> how about the winds out there? >> the winds don't look too bad. you get into the canyons and the winds can pick up. when it comes to the topography it's hard to say how the winds are but it doesn't look bad. as we get into the evening hours, that's when the firefighters will go to work and try to gain an upper hand. over san jose, we had scattered showers reported today around campbell, san jose.
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people were tweeting saying it rained for about two minutes. the clouds are back, on shore breeze back. temperatures are running cooler today, anywhere from five to ten degrees. livermore, you're 14 degrees cooler than you were 24 hours ago. again, this is what we're going to see as we get into the weekend. cooler today and cooler as we get into saturday and sunday. 83 degrees now in concord, 83 in livermore. mid-70s in santa rosa, 77 in san jose. let's go back to the radar and take a look at what's happening out there. we saw a few waves move through dropping a little bit of rain over the south bay. we'll continue to have a possibility of a few showers maybe over the lower lake area. it's just a 20% chance there.
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the threat of thunderstorms also in the forecast. we don't like to see the dry lightning but that's there for the evening hours. we remain sandwiched between the ridge of high pressure to the east and low pressure to the west. that's what we're dealing with. the high is going to push farther east and low is going to move closer to us and will continue to bring the temperatures down into the weekend. the on shore breeze is 20 miles per hour. a southerly breeze in napa. so for tonight, into the overnight hours, shower also move out. tomorrow is going to be a dryer day. a cool down will continue for saturday, sunday and as we get into next week. let's think about the weekend. as we get going tomorrow morning, temperature ms. the
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50s and 60s, 62 mountain view, partly to mostly cloudy skies, areas of fog back with us and in the afternoon the temperatures are going to be cooler than today. 70 for san francisco, 76 in oakland, hayward in 76, low 80s expected for the north day, low 80s for san jose. 71 in santa cruz. just a few days it was 87 degrees there. extended forecast with the bay area weekend in view, temperatures falling off tomorrow, cooler on sunday and a trend we'll see as we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> looks pretty good. >> right. >> it is a real life treasure hunt being led by a bay area man. he's on done hunt for something. the bart closure starts tomorrow. riders will need to find
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another way to cross the bay. we'll have what you need to know to get around this weekend. that's coming up after this.
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. it's a real life treasure hunt for millions of dollars of gold and being led by a bay area native. >> the gold was spellen from the incas and we sat down with him to explain his quest. >> reporter: people have been searching for this treasure and
4:26 pm
a team of five is looking. now joining us on treasure chest snake island. you have had a lot of adventures. you call this the greatest of your life. >> we were in places in brazil that was amazing but we're in extreme danger in terms of where we had to go in to look for the treasure. when people seeing us respond to the snakes, those are real. it's like in central america we had land mines but in brazil they move. you'd have these snakes in the trees above us and you're worried about if you grab a branch and nam one down don't get medical attention within six hours, you're going to die. >> we're something some of your adventures and in addition to the snakes, and there are a lot of them, what else do you face
4:27 pm
out there? >> heat exhaustion, dealing with the tropical storms. we had lightning bolts blow up on top of the boats. we had a truck sure on the speed boat and not many people have seen what happens when a lightning strike hits a boat. were so lucky with some of them. >> if you'd like to see how it winds up, you can see more of the team friday night at 10:00. there are cell phones, tablets, laptops, television as well. how much is too much? we're talk to a doctor about how you can protect you and your child's eyes from the screen time. the supplies are there, workers are ready and we're with bart engineers preparing to repair a critical section of the track. we'll break down what riders need to know about the big closure this weekend. life's the food that brings us together.
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and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. platform. >> welcome back to the four. we've been warning you for weeks. bart service are shutting down this weekend between san francisco and east bay. riders are being told to find another way around so they can replace a key section of the track. >> we're going to break down what you need to know about the project. joining us to break it all down
4:31 pm
and what to expect, bart spokesman jim app allison and the section manager out there. jim, tell us what we see behind you and what's going on right now? so this is a section of track that is not part of the main line where passengers would be. what we're doing now is lowering this powered flat. it's going to tow another flat. this is going to be filled up with equipment that wants passenger service after midnight. this is going to get out there and go to a section of track between west oakland and bay two to do the project. >> jim, you're out there, preparing and ready to go as of tonight. remind us what is actually being done and what is the purpose of the project to shut down the service for a weekend? >> we had a section of track
4:32 pm
between west oakland and the trans bay tube that we can't cross tracks. it's a big concern for bart operations in that when they have a delay they can't move trains around to lessen the delay. we have to pull out 932 rail tyus and replace the rail. the folks that are load the equipment they are part of the structures department. they put all of that support around the tie that is keeps the rails in a safe, you know, useable position. >> jim, when this is done, this is not happening in the tube but because we're hearing about ca patty limitations because there is one tube under the bay, this is not going to address the capacity questions, is it? no there, is simply no way to increase the train traffic in the tube unless we get a new train control systems and's one of our big three projects, one being a rail and a
4:33 pm
maintenance complex and the train control. if we get a new train control system we can run the trains for frequently. this is just address the wear and tear of a system that's 45 years old. >> jim, riders, some of them have to get from san francisco to the east bay. what should the riders know? >> if you need to get across the bay and you have absolutely no other form of public transportation, bart will run buses about every 45 seconds across the bay bridge but it's going to add at least 30 minutes to your travel. plan and leave early. you can take a bus, ferry or find something local in your neighborhood. you can take bart to the west oakland station? where do they take the buses to connect to san francisco? >> the west oakland station is
4:34 pm
going to be closed. too much activity there. people will take bart to the 19th street station in oakland and that's where they'll board the bus and that will take them into downtown san francisco and then if they want to continue on bart they can get back on the system and continue the journey without paying extra money. >> you're thinking just a 30 minute delay with the buses? >> that's the best case scenario. >> reporter: you talking to caltrans about how much traffic they're expecting on the bridge with the closure? all of the agencies have been planning this for a long time. caltrans' advice is if you can avoid traveling across the bay, please do so. >> jim, you guys picked this weekend but you have labor day
4:35 pm
weekend as well. why these two? >> we've identified the least busy. the giants are not playing, no huge concerts taking place. there is never a perfect weekend to get the work done but these are two of the best. we looked at the rider data and fewer ride on these weekends, particularly labor day week enend. all right, jim allison live at the oakland area. thanks for filling us in on what's going on and warning people that they better not try to go across the bay bridge. for more information on the construction project go to, the digital devices are around all of us and the screens are so bright. we're talking to a doctor about how much is too much for the children. >> a cooler bay over the area
4:36 pm
and, for some, scattered showers. we'll look at where that's coming fhow long it will last and temperatures for the bay area. >> traffic on 880 in oakland, south bound by the coliseum, very heavy. >> a team of firefighters in lake county battling the rocky fire and they're tweeting from the fire lines. also terry stone sent a picture of the flames near lower lake. we'll have an update on the fire. that update is coming up in a few minutes.
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. digital devices are around us all the time and with that comes the bright screens. there is growing concerns that the screen time could be hurting our children's eyes. dr. barbara horn is here with us. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you for having me. >> according to the recent survey, 41% of pair remembers say their kids spend three or more hours a day using digital devices. that sounds like a lot. is that too much? >> it's a lot. 66% of children actually have their own device whether it's a phone, pad or tablet. we're find that the devices
4:40 pm
give off high energy blue and violet light that can affect vision and cause premature problems with vision. it can cause eye strain and discomfort and lead to more serious conditions such as macular degeneration. >> the digital eye strength, what are some of the early symptoms? how do we know they're straining their eyes too much? we hope there are symptoms but many don't experience. every child needs a comprehensive eye examination. rub the eyes, feel like they're burning, itching, ache. 80% of kids do have the symptoms. if you see those make sure they're getting eye examination. >> tell us about the 20/20/20
4:41 pm
rule and how it can protect the vision? >> anybody doing prolonged reading whether it's reading a book, computer at work or on the digital devices, every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and do something 20 feet away to relax your eyes. another thing is to have your computer about two feet away so it's far enough away and not harming your eyes as much and [ inaudible ] you want to make sure the device is four to five inches below the eye level. do the 20/20/20 rule and hold the device far away from your eyes. >> we have to remember to get the yearly eye exams and preferably right before school? >> right before school would be great. what worked last year may not
4:42 pm
be working this year. it's recommended that a child get their first examination between 6 months and 12 months. again at 5 years, 8 years and 12 years. bo bonino [ inaudible ] >> good information, thank you dr. >> thank you. >> we're in the weather center but first, bill is outside and joining us with the humid condition. it's good to be chief, isn't it bill? i was looking for a a beer fest but i couldn't find one. we're at the oakland coliseum. the a's are playing cleveland tonight. they lost last night but they're going to have a better
4:43 pm
run at it tonight. baseball and weather kind of go hand in hand. sit manage the stands is nice if the weather is nice. did you know, for instance, when the fog rolls in tonight, this baseball here, the density of the air change as little bit, when the pitchers go to throw the curve ball, with the air denser, these threads will actually grip the air better and they'll get more of a curve. it's a force that's applied to the ball many right now they're doing batting practice. the atmosphere is relatively light. the balls are flying out of here. these guys are whacking 'em. in about three hours the balls are going to drop closer to the warning track and into the gap. it plays a big part into the game because of how the ball carries. i've got this thing in my ear so i keep hearing myself.
4:44 pm
ken, do you have questions in. >> how does the humidity affect the level of the foam on the top of a beer that you get at the ball game? >> excellent question. >> that's a science question. i'm being serious. >> i'm trying to inject science. the weather looks great. will is a lot of folks out and about. there is fireworks tonight after the game. i'm working hard trying to get somebody to play catch with me. when we come back we'll talk weather and more fun. a lot of folks turning out now. >> i like when he takes the ear piece out and we can say what we want to about him. i can hear you. >> we need to switch over to a more serious topic. we're with rosemary talking about the conditions with the rocky fire. sky fox is over what appears to be a structure that has burned.
4:45 pm
we understand that at least three structures have burned and the fire is up around 18,000 acres. it's 5% contained. rose mary, this is not good. >> you're right. what's nice about today is the weather pattern is changing. temperatures are down by 10 to 15 degrees and that's a good deal. that's going to continue into the weekend. the winds are beginning to shift and we're seeing a northerly breeze. we have an on shore breeze moving through portions of napa county as well as sonoma county and the relative humidity is up and the fire fighters. temperatures will continue to cool. 75 degrees now in santa row so, 65 in san francisco, 83 in concord. we have the clouds with us.
4:46 pm
we have monsoonals issued. areas around campbell reported thunder. we have that continuing. it will wind down tonight. saturday, sunday, we're going to be descrier but we'll continue with the 20% chance today. fairfield, on shore breeze at 20 miles per hour. you get just above napa and the wind is coming in from the north. that will begin to shift up. high pressure to the east of us. low pressure on the westside and that is bringing that flow right up into our area. that's coming in from the desert southwest. as we get into the weekend we'll be drying out. we'll continue to see the possibility of thunderstorms.
4:47 pm
lake tahoe from the weekend, like that. i'll show you this. saturday morning we wake up with clouds along the coast just inside the bay and we'll see that around 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. into the afternoon we're partly cloudy along the coast, mostly clear the rest of us. we have a few scattered showers over portions of the coastal range and lake tahoe down into yosemite for saturday. >> 62 in the morning, low 60s for livermore, 61 in fairfield. afternoon highs going to feel quite nice. upper 60s in san francisco, 85 in freemont, 83 for livermore. i don't think it's going to be that warm.
4:48 pm
we may change that. low 80s for santa rosa and napa and lake county area, temperatures continue to cool as well. extended forecast here with the bay area weekend in view, the cooling trend will go on. as we get into sunday, slightly carle than saturday. the second half of the weekend, temperatures continuing to fall off. most people are not worried about the business week but things will cool into the upper 70s. after the triple digits we've had, temperatures will cool off. >> let's check in with frank at a look at the storyies coming up. >> the wildfire is continuing to grow and cal fire is throwing everything at it a.thousand firefighters, 150 fire engines, eight planes and
4:49 pm
eight attack helicopters. the fire keeps growing and it's nowhere near contained. coming up, late evacuation and direction the fire is headed. frank, this happened years ago. >> i was in high school. this man has spent the last 40 years in prison because of a crime here in the bay area here in the '70s that made headlines but he's on the verge of being released. he could walk free in the coming days. mark zuckerberg and his wife are expecting a baby. the personal struggle they opened up about today as theta announceed the good news. hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here.
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pgh. >> let's take a look at some of those stories that people are talking about on social media. >> a utah mailman stepped in to help a 12-year-old boy who likes to read. mailman says he was on his route and saw matthew reading junk mail. >> matthews said he asked for any junk mail because he can't afford bus fare to get to the library. >> lynch wrote i was given many books as a child. mrazek share and let's get him reading material. it's great to see his desire and you should have seen him beam when i said i could help. facebook founder mark
4:53 pm
zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan are expecting a baby. >> it's something a lot of people don't talk about, the couple announced they are having a baby but they opened up about their struggle to conseif. they say they've been trying for years an had three miscarriages. >> he wrote you feel so hopeful when you're going to have a child. you dream of hopes for their future, start making plans and then they're gone. it's lonely experience. most don't discuss it because you worry it will reflect on you so you struggle on your own. >> they shared this picture and priscilla sill la has the baby bump going on. they're joined by the dog. priscilla sill la is a doctor
4:54 pm
and matt was in med school. priscilla sill la is far enough along in the pregnancy that they're convict debt she's going to have a happy, healthy baby girl. >> you don't want to talk about it because you feel people will treat you differently. >> i put it on my page and i got different reactionnewsjax.coms. people say if you want to talk about it fine, if you don't it's understandable. it's very emotional. i think the concensus was to leave it up to the woman. we assume that mark had the permission of priscilla sill la. >> you bet. for some, ken, don't you feel facebook and sharing thing, it becomes therapeutic and you get help from people that respond to you? some time there is is tmi but it does open up a door.
4:55 pm
it's good to talk about things that were once considered tattoo. >> they thought it was lost forever baugh california couple has been reunited with a wedding album they lost as they faced danger in afghanistan. we'll be right back after this. watching tvs get sharper, bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila.
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remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. sign up today or get started with this great offer. call or go online today. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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for over 60,000 california foster children having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. a wedding album lost as a
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man and his wife fled afghanistan as they left for make. now it has been renewted with the couple -- united with the couple after officers in los angeles found it. [ indiscernible ] >> they married in afghanistan in 2012. he was working as an inturpter for the army -- an interpreter for the u.s. army. >> everything was perfect. everything is perfect right now here. except we didn't lose our album. how it could be found? totally america for me. >> after the police found it they posted a picture on facebook. friends tagged them asking if this was theirs. it is one of their happiest days and peace has been restored now that they have the
4:59 pm
back. >> great. check in now with frank and julie and the rocky fire, boy, shows no signs of backing down. >> a fierce fight is underway as the fight is now in its third day and still raging out of control. today the governor declared a state of emergency but there could be cooler weather on the way. the latest from the fire lines. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> an hour ago governor jerry brown declared state of emergency in california. a live look at the rocky fire near clear lake. you can see all the smoke. the declaration mobilizes additional firefighters and disaster response resources as the state deals with a dozen wildfires right now. the rocky fire continues to grow tonight.
5:00 pm
now covering 18,000 acres. and tonight it is still just 5% contained. cal fire is throwing everything it has at the fire. there are 1,000 firefighters, 150 fire engines. 8 planes, 8 helicopters battling the flames. and the fire forced hundreds of residents to evacuate their homes. ktvu's cara liu is live near the fire lines tonight. >> reporter: we are closer than we were an hour ago to the fire lines. if you look around me. we are in the lore lake area. you candy lower lake area. you can -- we are in the lower lake area. you can see visibility is poor and you can see smoke here in the lower lake area. the fire burning 18,000 acres. only 5% contained. firefighters


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